Canberra Bus Shelters

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Canberra Bus Shelters!

Hand drawn poly earrings 

They are hanging with hypoallergenic surgical steel pins. Hand turned. 

Soft sealed.

We make earrings that are unique, handmade and individual yumminess that are fun and hopefully make you smile! Not always exactly the same - where’s the fun in being the same? 

The nitty gritty • We do not make the acrylic or grow the bamboo we use. We can not control the Glitter density or surface imperfections. 

The nittier grittier • Whilst we know you love a shower, a swim, perfume and lotion etc we would like you to avoid getting our earrings wet. If you do, long live the earrings and the best earring owner award goes to you!

Congratulations you champ!